Bathroom Countertops for Your Project

You may not realize it, but the bathroom is a central point to your home. Think about it: the bathroom is where you start your day, where you get cleaned up, and where you prepare yourself to go out and conquer the day ahead.

Picking out a bathroom countertop is a critical piece to making your bathroom come alive. You want a countertop that’s durable but also sleek, stylish, and welcoming. Details matter, and so do your countertops. That’s why it’s essential to pick out the best materials for your bathroom counters.

At Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops, we have various materials to choose from for your bathroom remodeling project. From granite to marble, quartz, and the growing popular option of quartzite, we have all of the materials needed to start your bathroom remodeling project and vanity countertop off right.

1) Granite Countertops Are All the Rage

Because it’s durable, rich, and high quality, granite is a popular choice for bathroom projects.

Granite is a natural stone, and as a result, each slab of granite is different, providing you with lots of choices. From colorful specks to full-bodied streaks, granite has something for everyone.

Granite is also an excellent choice for bathroom counters because it is a hard material that is not susceptible to scratches. Additionally, granite excels at heat resistance, which means you can set down those hot hair straighteners and curlers without fear of damaging your newly installed counters.

When properly sealed, granite does a tremendous job at resisting liquid absorption too. However, if not appropriately sealed, granite can be a porous material. This detail causes quite the headache because when liquids do seep in, they stain the material, and these stains are nearly impossible to remove.

That’s why it’s critical to hire professional installers like Lopsang when installing new countertops for your bathroom. Between washing your hands, washing off makeup, or just brushing your teeth, a lot of water can spill onto your bathroom counters.

If you plan to go with granite countertops for your bathroom remodeling project, make sure to have a professional seal them so you can have that great look last for years to come.

2) Marble Will Make Your Bathroom Shine

Also a natural stone, marble has many varieties. But whatever type of marble you choose, you know it will come with that quintessential elegance, class, and luxury.

Marble has always been an excellent choice for home decor because of that luxurious feel. There’s a reason why many classical statues are built of marble: they’re clean, sleek, and elegant. Marble is one of the oldest stones and is typically found in the mountains (like Italy, Vermont, Colorado, South America, Asia).

So, using marble on your bathroom counters is a beautiful way to bring in some luxury and elegance to your bathroom design. However, marble can damage quickly. You need to protect marble from high heat and acidity, so if you use hair care products like hair straighteners in the bathroom, make sure that you rest them on something to protect your countertops.

3) Using Quartz Adds Class

Quartz is a manufactured stone, which means it’s as durable as it is stylish. Quartz is becoming quite popular among bathroom remodeling projects because it stands so well against typical wear.

It’s also incredibly resistant against damage from acid and other liquids (more so than granite and marble). Plus, quartz does not require any sealing, so it’s a much more low-maintenance option than granite.

Not only is quartz durable, but it looks great too. Many customers love using quartz because it elevates their bathrooms so much and makes their countertops shine and dazzle. As a result, quartz does a phenomenal job at adding class and elegance to any bathroom remodeling project.

4) Add Flair with Quartzite

Quartzite is a natural stone, and as a result, no two slabs are the same. A type of metamorphic rock, quartzite is formed when sandstone and quartz fuse together from high temperatures.

Quartzite generally comes in white or gray, but there are many more colors available as well. No matter what pattern you choose, quartzite requires very little maintenance but looks like marble and is much more cost efficient.

As a result, quartzite is an exceptional choice for replacing bathroom countertops. And because quartzite is more resistant to heat and scratch, it’s an ideal choice for bathroom sink countertops that often get used with hair products, makeup, and so forth.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want granite, marble, quartz, or quartzite when you decide to upgrade your bathroom countertops, make them shine with a Lopsang remodel. Make your vanity countertops shine with durable, sleek, elegant materials. Contact Lopsang today to get started on your bathroom renovation project.

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