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We’re an authorized Dekton countertop installer in the Orlando area. Dekton is an ultra-compact and high-performance material that can be used for indoor or outdoor spaces.

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$6,222 Dekton Package

✅ 37 different colors to choose from.
✅ Up to 55sf and sink cutout included.
✅ Under-mount stainless steel 0 radius sink included.
✅ Templated, Fabrication, Delivery & Installation!

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Dekton Countertops

Dekton is a material made from a porcelain, glass, and quartz blend. The Dekton manufacturing process creates a very dense and compact material. Dekton’s main appeal is how compact and resistant it is to everything.

Benefits of Dekton
– Dekton countertops have a non-reflective surface, so this material is ideal for bright environments.
– Dekton countertops are known to be highly heat resistant.
– Dekton is compact and dense, making it highly stain-resistant and easy to maintain.
– Dekton is entirely scratch-resistant, allowing for more aggressive use of the countertop, even allowing utilization of knives directly on the surface of Dekton material.
– Ultraviolet rays do not affect Dekton, so it’s the perfect outside countertop.

Why Are Dekton Countertops So Resistant?

Dekton countertops are resistant to stains, scratches, fire, and ultra-violent damage because they are compact and dense. Most, if not all, substances cannot pierce a Dekton countertops interior.

The use for Dekton Countertop extends beyond just indoors. Since it’s resistant to UV damage, Dekton countertops are ideal for outdoor environments. If the intended purpose is to build an outdoor bar, Dekton is essential in ensuring a beautiful, long-lasting, and resistant countertop.

Dekton is also an inorganic material which means it doesn’t contain any resins or additives. Since Dekton will not degrade over time, longevity is guaranteed.

It’s essential to note Dekton may be highly resistant, but it’s not invincible. High levels of impact can chip Dekton, so it’s important to be careful with your Dekton countertop, even if it can take more significant hits than other countertops.

What to Expect

Installation of Dekton material requires certification, and Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops is certified to do this installation. It’s important to go through the process of getting a quote to understand the costs that will be involved with the installation. Following this quote, Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops will conduct a free in-home consultation.


The fantastic thing about Dekton countertops is how little maintenance it requires. Next to no care is necessary, but it’s important to note that while Dekton material is impact resistant, it’s still susceptible to chipping.

Maintenance of the Dekton material is ensuring weighty objects such as a giant pot don’t fall too often on your Dekton countertop. Otherwise, standard cleaning methods will suffice in maintaining your brand new Dekton countertop.

Is Dekton the Right Choice?

Depending on what you value, Dekton is the top-of-the-line material. Dekton is the ideal choice for outdoor environments. Dekton is fully resistant to UV exposure, allowing it to retain its durability and color.

If you want to ease your mind, it’s important to note that a Dekton countertop pays for itself. It’s a material that won’t scratch, it won’t burn, and it will not lose its pristine color. The Dekton is the obvious choice for those who want to ensure a countertop that will last them a lifetime.

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