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Granite is a natural stone and we carry tons of beautiful colors!

Below are some of our most popular granite colors. Since granite is a natural stone each slab of granite is different. Not all colors we have are below so please reach out and let us know about your project. Click here to contact us today. We can help find the perfect stone for your project!

Everything You Need to Know about Granite Countertop Kitchen Remodeling

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling services and new granite countertops? We can make your dreams come true and create the best kitchen with our expert remodeling services and multiple options for granite countertops.

We have plenty of advice for our clients on the type of granite countertops that would look great in your kitchen. Also, if you have a specific vision in mind for your kitchen countertops, we at Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops are happy to provide you with exactly what you desire.

Best of all, we offer more than eighty options for remodeling your kitchen’s granite countertops. We also provide granite countertop remodeling services to those in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

Contact us for a consultation to learn all about our granite countertops and kitchen countertop remodeling services. Our experts can install excellent kitchen countertops by using precise measurements using lasers and developing a template for your countertops.

Our experts aim to meet client expectations, so you are completely happy with the look of your new kitchen. Don’t forget—we have many possible granite countertop options to install in your kitchen. Be sure to contact one of our specialists today.

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What You Need to Know about Granite

Granite countertops have become more popular and commonplace recently. As such, this modern version of kitchen countertops is an excellent option for your home.

Granite is a hard material and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Furthermore, granite can look incredibly different from other slabs even if it comes from the same stone because of its unique formation.

Granite includes traces of minerals such as mica. These minerals can make your countertops look shinier without needing to change the material in any way. Along with its sparkle, granite is also very durable, heat-proof, and resistant to scratching. It is also easy to clean up spilled liquids on granite kitchen counters.

Some other interesting facts about granite include the following:

– Granite is the oldest igneous stone on the planet.
– Granite has white mineral grains known as feldspar.
– Granite’s density is about 162 pounds per cubic foot.
– The Statue of Liberty was partially built using granite material.
– Granite is one of the hardest materials found on Earth.

In addition, builders used granite in the United States to construct the first commercial railroad. Stone discs used in curling are also made of granite material.

Essentially, granite is an excellent material for kitchen countertops because it is a strong, trusted material.

What We Can Do to Remodel Your Kitchen Countertops

There are many steps involved in remodeling a kitchen’s counter and installing granite countertops. These steps include

– using lasers to measure the counter space;
– building a model for your granite countertops;
– sending all data to the fabrication facility to develop the granite countertops from stone slabs;
– implementing a specific saw to design the stone based on client needs;
– designing countertops to decrease seams, boost the stone’s overall look, and make the best edges; and
– installing the countertops flawlessly with all relevant sinks and faucet holes.

These are just some of the basic processes we will complete to install your granite countertops. There are also many benefits you will gain from remodeling your kitchen countertops.

The Benefits of Installing Granite Countertops

There are numerous advantages that you’ll enjoy from installing new granite countertops in your kitchen. For example, your kitchen will look much nicer, and it will have better functionality as well.

Some other benefits include the following:

– Updates from old, worn-out, and overused countertops
– Many granite countertop options to choose from
– Modern look for your kitchen
– Improvements in your home’s value

In addition to these benefits, stone countertops don’t require much maintenance. Granite countertops will last longer and have a better appearance for years to come.

Furthermore, stone countertops can better repel scratches and heat. They are also resistant to sun discoloration and look brand new for much longer than plastic or wood countertops. Granite countertops are also more sturdy than other types.

Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops provides high-quality materials and impressive granite countertops that meet client requirements.

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