Kitchen Countertops for Your Project

Whether you’re looking to do a complete kitchen remodel or just update its look, new, modern countertops enhance its appearance and functionality. You can replace old, dingy laminate or wooden counters with beautiful stone countertops available right here from us at Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops.

We offer several countertop options for kitchens, including quartz, granite, marble, and more.

Why You Should Get New Kitchen Countertops

If you’re remodeling, kitchen countertop replacement is pretty much a given. However, if you’re just looking to spruce things up a bit, you might not consider new countertops at all unless your current ones look worn, dirty, or just ugly.

New countertops don’t just add a modern twist to your kitchen. They also increase your home’s value. Even if you’re not considering selling anytime soon, increasing your home’s value is always good.

Stone countertops require less maintenance and look good for longer than other countertops because they’re more resistant to heat and scratches. They also resist discoloration from sunlight, ensuring they look new for years.

They’re more durable than other types of counters. Since kitchen counters take all kinds of abuse, you want materials that can withstand that abuse.

Our Countertops

We have five different options for kitchen countertops, all of which are stunning and of superb quality.


Quartz countertops are engineered combinations of roughly 90 percent crushed or powdered natural quartz and 10 percent resin, creating a solid slab from which we fashion our counters.

Kitchen countertops of quartz are nonporous and acid resistant, so they don’t stain, plus it doesn’t require you to seal it periodically to protect it. As such, you get beautiful countertops that are about as low maintenance as you can get.

You do need to use trivets or potholders for hot pots and pans. You should also avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners and instead wipe them down with mild soap and warm water. Otherwise, these counters are attractive, easily maintained and preserved, and perfect for your kitchen’s new look.


Kitchen countertops of granite have become quite popular in recent years. Making up the bedrock of Earth, granite is hard and naturally comes in various patterns and colors. Even when two slabs come from the same rock, they can look wildly different from one another.

Granite also contains traces of other minerals, like mica, which add sparkle to countertops without adding anything to them.

Countertops made from granite are exceedingly resistant to heat and scratching. However, it’s porous, so you need to seal it annually to help prevent staining. Wiping up spills as soon as they happen helps as well.


Many people find the unique patterns in different types of marble to be quite alluring, so they want kitchen countertops of marble. The way the rock forms creates distinctive veining in a variety of patterns and colors.

Some marble slabs even come with veins in multiple colors. Unlike quartz and granite, though, marble is softer and more prone to stains and scratches, plus acidic substances like citrus and tomato can etch it.

Annual sealing, which is quick and easy, can prevent this damage, and your marble countertops can remain magnificent for years to come.


Quartzite is often mistaken for granite or marble because of its coloring and veining. However, it’s an entirely different type of rock formed from grains of sand that join and crystalize over time.

These countertops require nothing more than warm water and a cloth or sponge for cleaning up everyday dirt and spills. If you spill acidic liquids like citrus juices, you should clean those up right away, but otherwise, these counters don’t need much in the way of maintenance.

This stone is most often white or gray, but you can get other colors, including blue, pink, brown, black, and more. It’s a hard stone that requires little maintenance because it’s resistant to virtually all types of damage.

Our Process

Designing and installing a kitchen countertop is a complex undertaking. We use lasers to get accurate measurements of your space and use those to build a template for your counters. We send this information to our fabricators, who then fashion your countertops from stone slabs.

We use a specialized saw to cut the stone to your specifications, minimizing seams, maximizing the stone’s natural beauty, and creating your preferred edges.

Finally, we deliver and install your new countertops ourselves, along with sinks and faucet holes, and ensure that the meticulousness you expect is there.

To learn how much time and cost your project will take, contact Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops for a quote.

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