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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Lopsang Construction Service is a contractor and renovator specializing in countertops for the kitchen and bathroom with the ability to design for the patio and outdoor kitchen.

We help you breathe life into your dream home and project ideas by providing every step of the process. From fabrication to construction, all the way to installation, we supply customer-first service from a family-owned business. Nothing quite captures that spirit more than kitchen and bathroom renovations.


Kitchen Islands & Countertops

Our kitchen island and countertop options include artificial and natural stone options like granite, quartz, marble, and engineered stone. We also provide various edge-profiling options according to your needs.


Bathroom Countertops

Nothing compares to quality countertops. The comfort and beauty it brings lifts the mood and style of everyone around. We provide top quality materials, fabricate new countertops, and everything between to deliver your bathroom countertop designs.

outdoor kitchen

Patio and Outdoor Kitchen

Installing countertops can be a cumbersome process. Getting the right number, the size, and the proper fit isn't easy. Work with a company that has over ten years of experience that can help you find the right solution.

Vanity Tops

Vanity tops and luxury bathroom countertops are the cherries on top of the perfect home renovation. Lopsang Construction Services is here to create and install the vanity top you need for the ideal home experience.


Outdoor Kitchens

If you live in Florida and haven't encountered an 'Outdoor Kitchen,' you're missing out. We install cabinets and create outdoor countertops for your outdoor experience that matches the year-round Florida sun. Let's create the golden memory of your next decade.

Undermounts, Overmount, Farmhouse and Vessel Sinks

Nothing compliments a vanity top quite like a luxury sink. We work to find the perfect mate and fabricate the matching vanity top to fit. We tap into our expansive network of suppliers, so you always get what you want.


Waterfall Panels

Waterfall Panels are one of those breathtaking features straight out of a spy film you always want, but always seem to forget. Not only can Lopsang Construction provide an affordable price, but unique designs for this mesmerizing home addition.

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