Things to Know about Quartz Countertops

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, quartz countertops may be the best choice for you. You want quality countertops, and quartz has numerous benefits, with durability topping the list.

Granted, there are several countertop materials available in the market, and choosing one can be overwhelming. But at Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops, we like to keep our customers informed before they can decide what material is best for them.

1. What Differentiates Quartz from Other Materials

Every countertop material has composition pros and cons. And while quartz countertops may look similar to other materials, they’re different. How?

For one, quartz is an engineered stone. The manufacturing process of quartz involves mixing natural/ground quartz with resins and polymers and topping up with color additives. Thus, quartz is more stain resistant and less porous than quartzite and granite.

Additionally, the way it’s manufactured makes it scratch and chip resistant. This is not the case with purely natural stones.

That said, quartz countertops have lower heat resistance (which is understandable considering quartz is man-made) than their natural stone counterparts. For this reason, you want to use a heat protector such as a potholder or trivet before placing anything extremely hot on your quartz countertop.

2. Quartz Countertops Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

You already know that quartz countertops are scratch-, stain-, and chip-resistant, thanks to the material being nonporous. Ultimately, this makes quartz countertops very low maintenance. In fact, you don’t have to reseal quartz, which is a must for natural materials.

Cleaning quartz countertops is pretty straightforward. You only need some warm water, soap, and a cloth, to quickly clean your countertop. And in case of tough messes, feel free to scrub gently. That said, avoid using harsh chemicals and scouring pads because these can eat away at the resins or make the finish dull.

A quartz-safe degreaser is safe to use. It will not affect the countertop quality.

3. Quartz Countertops are Ideal for Indoor Use

Yes, quartz countertops are built for indoor use. In fact, don’t even dare to use them for your outdoor kitchen. For such kinds of projects, it’s better to go with other materials.

While quartz is water resistant and nonporous, its pigments are not friendly with outdoor weather elements. Quartz will not withstand the UV rays from the sun, not to mention other rain and wind.

Therefore, for maximum efficiency and durability, use quartz countertops indoors. The manufacturing process makes the quartz-resin combination strong and super hard, making it a very durable material.

Despite it being less heat resistant, it will hold up well for your indoor kitchen, but be wary of extremely high temperatures.

You can also use quartz for your bathroom counter space. For bathroom remodeling projects, quartz is an ideal material due to the fact that it’s nonporous and easy to clean.

Also, for people with eat-in kitchens, it’s a great material for eating counters.

4. Quartz Countertops Come in Multiple Colors and Patterns

For natural quartz countertops lovers, you should note that they’re usually greenish. Luckily, with the manufacturing process, it’s possible to achieve your desired hue with color additives.

Here at Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops, we work with you to find the most suitable color for your kitchen or bathroom. We don’t restrict you to the traditional gray or white quartz countertops. That doesn’t mean they’re not great, but a nontraditional color may be just what you need to spark some uniqueness in your kitchen or bathroom space.

Some of the most common colors at Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops include the following:

– Absolute White honed
– Absolute White polished
– Aluminum-N
– Apollo
– Bertolli
– Crest
– Elegance Ash
– Ivory White
– Metropolis Grey

These are only a handful of the colors we offer. You can select any color of your choice, and we’ll make the perfect countertops for your building or renovation project.

5. For the Best Results, Have Professionals Handle Quartz Countertops for You

It’s worth noting that despite quartz being pleasantly resistant, it can be denser and heavier than granite, making it prone to accidents and potential damages.

During your renovation project, ensure that you hire a professional to handle the transportation and installation of your quartz countertop. Save yourself the stress and headache of dealing with this heavy product by leaving it to those who know how to do it best.

Lopsang Custom Stone Countertops for Quality Quartz Countertops

If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, and quartz is the material you’ve decided to use, let us know. We work hand in hand with you to achieve your countertop vision while treating your kitchen or bathroom as we would our own.

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