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We help you breathe life into your dream home and project ideas by providing every step of the process. From fabrication to construction, all the way to installation, we supply customer-first service from a family-owned business. Nothing quite captures that spirit more than kitchen renovations.

We help you breathe life into your renovation by providing countertop fabrication, edge-profiling, and installation. For cabinets, sinks, and even waterfall panels we offer installation.

The process is simple, direct, and you get the custom option you need. Not only can we perform quality work, but our turn-around time is fast. We complete as many steps as possible before we arrive, so that when we're on-site, we're not there for long.

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Countertop Fabrication

Material fabrication is the process of working raw material into the finished product. Here at Lopsang Construction, we fabricate countertops to fit your unique needs and shape of your home.


Custom Countertop Installation

Lopsang Construction Services comes prepared for installation. Our service is fast, and the result is a better, brighter home. We install according to your plan from start to finish to produce the best results.

Lopsang Construction

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